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Professional shooters around the world recognize Sako TRG as one of the most accurate and reliable rifle ever produced. To keep the TRG rifles best in class we now introduce several upgrades based on customer requirements, which are factory fitted to all Sako TRG 22/42 rifles. The 2013 upgrades fine-tune this already great product making it even better.

Recoil pad


2013 upgrade introduces an improved recoil pad. Our proprietary pad is a combination of a new material and construction which significantly reduces felt recoil. The new recoil pad provides better recoil management and adds to the comfort allowing extended sessions at the range, even with the heavier calibers.

Double Plungers


The TRG 42 .338 Lapua Mag caliber bolt now features double plunger ejectors. The new double plunger greatly improves the ejection reliability of heavy .338 Lapua Mag cases.


Newly constructed bolt release adds to the overall ruggedness of the TRG platform. Care-free and reliable operation is guaranteed even when extreme force is applied on the bolt release while cycling the bolt. The new bolt release is featured in all TRG 22/42 configurations

Trigger Mechanism & Bolt handle


New fully adjustable two stage trigger mechanism featuring newly designed and ergonomically positioned and ambidextrous safety lever allowing easier access and use. Trigger guard is now milled from high grade aluminum, providing ruggedness and more positive magazine attachment. Bolt handle and it's attachment to the bolt body has been redesigned to withstand rough handling more than ever before. And as usual, the new trigger mechanism as well as all other 2013 upgrades are compatible with all TRG 21/41 and TRG 22/42 versions.


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