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The Sako Quad is made with the best materials, using cold-hammered forged precision barrels and Sako workmanship to produce flawless accuracy and operation. Sako Quad has been a runaway success with shooters, offering both practical versatility and serious performance. With the Sako Quad, you can mix and match parts to create the firearm you need to suit the activity you‘re engaged in.



The interchangeable Sako Quad barrels are precision-machined, cold-hammer forged, famous Sako quality barrels. The barrels are color coded to indicate each Quad caliber. All Quad barrels are free-floating for flawless accuracy and operation, available also with muzzle thread to accept a variety of different accessories. Barrels are changed easily in few seconds by using the Sako Quad barrel tool.



The Sako Quad rifle concept offers several different stock options. In general the stock design is modern and streamlined, and it features ambidextrous palm swell. The stock material is either selected walnut or glass-fibre reinforced copolymer.



Sako Quad rimfire rifle is based on the Sako P04R bolt action design. The action features two locking lugs and the bolt lift angle is 50º.




Sako Quad comes with the same single-stage trigger unit as the famous Sako hunting rifles. The trigger is adjustable from 1 to 2 kg (2 - 4 lbs), and there is also an optional single set trigger mechanism available. Sliding safety catch is located rear from the bolt handle and it locks both the trigger and the bolt.



Sako Quad magazines are correspondingly colour-coded and can house two different calibers. The magazine construction prevents the use of wrong combinations of barrels and magazines. The 5 round Sako Quad magazines are available in two lengths to match the calibres: short magazine for 17 Mach 2 and 22 LR, long magazine for 17 HMR and 22 WMR.



In addition to individual caliber marking and serial numbering of each Sako Quad barrel, they are also color coded for ease of caliber differentiation. The Sako Quad magazines are also color coded corresponding to the colors on the barrels. The Sako Quad construction prevents the use of wrong combination of barrel and magazine. The Sako Quad riflescope by Burris has color coded adjustment dials to match the color coding on the Quad barrels.

Each of the four Sako Quad caliber has its own characteristics and is designed for specific shooting needs. Calibers from left to right:
17 Mach 2 – a hot necked-down version of the popular 22LR
22 LR – The universal caliber for target shooting and close range small game hunting
17 HMR – A high velocity varmint cartridge with excellent ballistics up to 150 yards
22 WMR – The most powerful of the Sako Quad calibres. A good small game and varmint cartridge.

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