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Sako 85 Long Range

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New 2014

If you are looking to shoot far, the Sako 85 Long Range is the answer! This rifle has been specifically designed for long range hunting. Some great details like muzzle brake, 26” match grade barrel, double sling studs and stock designed for prone position guarantees that the game is not safe even in extreme distances.

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Sako 85 Long Range stock


The Sako 85 Long Range stock has a flat fore end to give better support when shooting without a bipod. Double studs were added in order to make it possible to have both sling and bipod attached simultaneously.

Sako 85 Long Range Barrel


Flush design muzzle brake was added to reduce the recoil. Muzzle
brake will make it easier to keep the target in sights after the shot.

Sako 85 Long Range Barrel


Sako 85 Long Range with bipod

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Action Caliber Rate of twist Number of Grooves Overall length Barrel length Weight Cartridge Capacity
L 300 Win Mag 11" 4 1250 mm
(49 1/5")
660 mm
4.4 kg
(9.7 lbs)
5 rounds
(4 in magazine)
XL 338 Lapua Mag 10 " 4
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