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This modern newcomer of the Sako 85 family is made with a true hunter in mind. The straight, weatherproof stock is made of grey laminated hardwood and reinforced with two cross-bolts. Short, free floating “bull” barrel features adjustable open sights and band type front swivel. All metal parts are made of stainless steel or are specially coated to ensure excellent wear and corrosion resistance.

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The short, totally free-floating barrel of the Sako 85 Kodiak is cold hammer-forged of stainless steel and features adjustable open sights.



The straight, classic stock is made of gray matte-lacquered laminated hardwood and reinforced with two cross-bolts.

Bear Series

Black Bear, Brownbear and Kodiak, purpose built weapons for bear & bruise hunters. All 3 "Bears" feature: adjustable special fast target acquisition iron sights, detachable staggered 2-row steel magazine with TCL preventing unintentional loosening. Can be top-loaded. Controlled cartridge feed, adjustable single stage trigger, barrel band for front swivel. 3 locking lug, very fast cycling turn bolt action with controlled cartridge feed & mechanical case ejection. Integral Dovetail rails for secure scope mounting.

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Action Caliber Rate of twist Overall length Barrel length Weight Length of pull Cartridge Capacity
L 338 Win Mag
375 H&H Mag
1045 mm
(41 1/8")
540 mm
(21 1/4 ")
3.6 kg
(7 15/16 lbs)
355 mm
5 rounds
(4 in magazine)
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