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The SAKO TRG family of sniper weapons saw daylight in the early 1990's. During the last two decades the initial design of the TRG 22/42 rifle has been modified and improved through numerous development programs, making the TRG one of the most versatile and trusted sniper weapon systems.

Today SAKO TRG 22/42 sniper weapon system serves as the primary sniper weapon platform of numerous Military and Law Enforcement formations around the world.

SAKO TRG 22/42 sniper weapon is a modern, modular and highly accurate single caliber, bolt action, magazine fed sniper rifle with no compromise. The design approach to the system has to keep everything as simple and operator friendly as possible.

Modularity and part interchangeability has always been a key driver for the modifications and upgrades of the TRG 22/42 weapon system. Hence, older TRG 22/42 rifles can easily be upgraded to become state of the art sniper platform, allowing the mounting of various accessories and clip-on devices.

The TRG 22/42 series currently offers a variety of rugged configurations for different applications in calibers .308 Win, .300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua Mag to meet the requirements of rapidly changing tactical scenarios. Weapon configurations may be tailored to customer specification. Optional ceramic coating can be applied on metal surfaces to match stock color for increased camouflage effect and protection against elements of weather. The TRG 22/42 sniper weapon platform expands into a complete Sniper System with customer specified accessory and ammunition package.

TRG 42

TRG 42


TRG 42 Long Range sniper rifle in folding stock and long barrel MMRS configuration offers the highest level of modularity and adjustability. Folding stock provides full adjustability for cheek piece, length of pull and rear mono pod - quickly without the use of tools. MMRS offers Picatinny interfaces on all sides of the rifle. Also available in .300 Win Mag caliber.

TRG 22/42 Weapon Configuration Chart


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