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BERETTA is the oldest firearms manufacturer in the world, dating back to 1526. Still run by the Beretta family, the Company produces advanced firearms, optics and accessories known worldwide for their quality and reliability. In the Defence and Law Enforcement market, Beretta offers dedicated solutions able to meet the stringent requirements of today's Armed and Police Forces worldwide, with a catalogue of products ranging from autoloaders and pump actions to tactical shotguns, from semiautomatic and assault rifles to extremely accurate snipers, from semiautomatic pistols and carbines to sub-machine guns. The constant efforts in R&D enable the design of reliable products with outstanding performance, which are the ideal defence tools both for military and law enforcement use. Labour, inventiveness and respect for tradition, as well as constant research, modernization and up-to-date production methods are the basis on which Beretta has built its reputation and established the hallmark of excellence for military and sporting firearms.

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